• Choose Today: Shame and Fear or Authenticity and Intimacy?

    In the early years of our marriage, my husband Jason and I used to get stuck frequently in the sa...

  • How to Help Your Child Deal with Horrible News about Terrible Events

    As the details unfold from the events in Las Vegas this past Sunday, parents are undoubtedly ...

  • Why Won’t My Husband Attend a PEP Class?

    Many years ago, my head got stuck between the uprights of a stair...

  • Parenting Matters

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  • Fresh Eyes

    Have you ever suddenly seen someone from a different perspective and appreciated them in a t...

  • How much Screen Time is Just Right for an Online Student?

    How much Screen Time is Just Right for an Online Student?

    Is too ...

  • A Post Election Message From PEP

    Editor’s Note:  The following is not a political statement in any way. Re...

  • The Problem With Anger

    “Because I’m Me!”

    Last week the PEP community lost a close friend and longtime class leader, with the death of ...

  • Getting Ready for the Fair

    When you arrive at PEP on Saturday afternoon, March 12, you will enter a building transformed. In...

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