PEP I: Parenting 5 to 12 Year Olds

From the very first class your frustrations will begin to ease as you understand why children misbehave and the changes you can make to bring more order, calm and fun back into your family life. You will learn a framework for positive parenting and the practical skills to raise responsible, cooperative, successful children.

Each family is different, but all parents experience confusion, annoyance and anger about their children’s behavior. And all parents have similar questions about raising kids for a future that no one can predict. What do children need for healthy emotional development? What is age-appropriate in terms of cell phones, social media and friendships? What really works to stop the whining, tantrums, dawdling and backtalk?

In this class you will learn:

  • The hidden logic behind children’s misbehavior—why making their parents crazy works for them
  • The power of encouragement to solve behavior problems
  • How your parenting style can help you achieve your goals
  • Why conventional discipline methods (time out, removing privileges, etc.) don’t work in the long run
  • Creative discipline tools that redirect children into cooperation and responsibility
  • How to decrease sibling jealousy, deal with “entitlement” and promote healthy peer relationships
  • Strategies for parenting in the digital world—technology, the Internet, video games and social media
  • What children need for self-reliance and resilience throughout their lives

“My experience in PEP I was invaluable. Each class was filled with material that enriched my relationship with my son, my personal life and my professional life. Every parent has wondered, “Why don’t children come with an instruction book?” and finally our prayers have been answered with PEP I.”
—Divina Peters-Natter

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