PEP II: Next Steps for Parenting 5 to 12 Year Olds

The one thing constant with children is that they are always changing. As soon as you’ve figured out one phase, they’re on to the next—and presenting their parents with new challenges. In PEP II the focus is on problem solving. You will learn an action plan to answer:

What is the problem?
Who owns it?
What solutions can we try?
How will we know our solution works?

You’ll learn new skills each week and deepen your understanding of key concepts. Class discussion and exercises, with plenty of one-on-one guidance from your leaders, will support and encourage you in the positive changes you are making with your family.

PEP II includes:

  • New tools and insights for setting limits and responding to misbehavior
  • Using consequences, working to agreement and finding common ground with your child
  • The goals of anger—positive choices for redirecting power struggles
  • Building social skills and community interest in children
  • Effective communication—listening to understand, talking to be heard
  • How to hold a Family Council meeting, with opportunity for practice and feedback

Prerequisite: PEP I, More Tools for Parenting Preschoolers or Thriving with Teens


“PEP offers parenting tools that respect parents and kids, counter behavior problems, and turn conflict to consensus. My daughter loves our new family meetings. Having a voice in some family decisions has made her want to help out at home. I can’t recommend this program enough; the trainers are awesome!”  —Paula Amann

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