Parenting Teens

You might be wondering what happened to the child you used to enjoy so much. Or maybe the kid who’s always been a challenge is now an even tougher teenager. Parenting teens can feel like navigating a sailboat across an ocean. It takes skill and the right tools to stay on course, especially during the inevitable storms.

Maybe you took classes years ago and want to update your skills now that your child is a teenager. Or, you haven’t yet taken a class and you want to be the best parent you can be for these end-game years. Thriving with Teens, a 10-week class, teaches all the essential concepts and skills of positive parenting, adapting them to the needs and concerns of parents of teens.

In addition to Thriving with Teens, PEP offers several 2-hour workshops each season. These are just some of the topics:

  • Chores, responsibilities and money
  • Social cliques, fashion and other peer issues
  • Dealing with the Internet, video games and cell phone culture
  • Focusing on school success
  • From backtalk and eye-rolling to respect and communication
  • Raising a resilient teenager


Have a burning question about your teen?

Check out our Parenting Resource Library to see articles about current issues or call us at 301-929-8824 to schedule a consult with a PEP leader. 

No time for a class? Here are some recent articles about parenting teens. You can also visit the Resources page to select a specific topic.

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