Parenting Young Children (Ages 1-5)

Why You’re Here

Your love for your child is limitless, but parenting can feel overwhelming. Toddlers whine, disobey, act helpless, and throw tantrums. Sometimes, they bite. PEP can help you to become the parent you want to be to your amazing child. 

Our classes and workshops are listed below, and our full schedule is here. If you would like expert guidance in choosing which class is right for you, please call us on (301) 989-8824.

Parenting Preschoolers

How do you use firm and kind discipline? What is the difference between praise and encouragement? Can you turn chaos into smoothly functioning family life? Read more and register…

More Tools for Parenting Preschoolers 

Learn more about encouragement and how to use limits and consequences to change attention-getting, fighting, and hurtful behaviors into helpful cooperation. Read more and register…

Need Individualized Help

For information on one-on-one consults with a PEP parenting educator, please visit our Individual Consults page.


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