More Tools for Parenting Preschoolers

If you’re still working on being patient, avoiding power struggles and taming tantrums, you’re in good company. It’s not easy to keep a positive perspective, especially while your young child is leaping through developmental changes at a dizzying pace. In this class you’ll learn more about encouragement and using limits and consequences to change attention-getting, fighting and hurtful behaviors into helpful cooperation. When it comes to parenting tools, more is better. Here are some of the new tools you’ll take home:

  • Emotion coaching, the most effective way to teach self-regulation and build emotional intelligence
  • Firm and friendly strategies to get out the door efficiently, navigate transitions smoothly, prepare and share meals courteously and go to bed peacefully
  • Birth order and other clues to helping siblings and peers get along better
  • Steps to staying calm when your kids aren’t
  • What it means to have the courage to be imperfect, stress less and enjoy your family more

This class completes the basic-level curriculum for parents of young children. When you’ve taken both Parenting Preschoolers and More Tools, and you have a child at least 5 years old, you can go on to take PEP II: Next Steps for Parenting 5 to 12 Year Olds.

“The PEP leaders I had were all dedicated, helpful and supportive—not judgmental in any way. Perhaps the most powerful impact  for me is the mantra that runs through my head at least once a day that I learned from class: ‘Water what you want to grow.’ Words to live by. I highly recommend this organization.”  —Caryn Reitkopp

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