Parenting Preschoolers

In this 8-week class you will learn positive discipline methods to calm tantrums, avoid power struggles and engage your child’s cooperation. Insight into your child’s temperament and developmental stage along with guided practice with setting limits calmly and consistently will equip you with a parenting toolbox you can use throughout the years of childrearing.

Course topics:

  • How your child’s development and temperament influence behavior
  • Solutions for morning dawdling, bedtime battles and sleep issues
  • Power struggles and tantrums—getting to calm
  • Healthy eating and stress-free toilet training
  • How to encourage your child’s confidence, capability and beginning independence
  • Techniques to help your child practice self-control and self-regulation
  • Why conventional discipline methods don’t work—and the positive tools that do work
  • How to nurture a warm, happy relationship with your child and have more fun as a family

“When my son was almost 3, I found myself yelling at him. It made us both feel awful. PEP classes have taught me not only skills but also a whole new way of parenting—one that is more enjoyable and effective.”            —Angela Goolsby

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