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Stop the Whining

Wednesday, May 24 
9 to 10 pm (ET)
$25 ($22.50 PEP member)
Like a pesky fly, searching for your last nerve to fray, it arrives: the whine. We beg and plead for it to stop, which causes their “keep doing it” switch to remain on. Sound familiar? Learn how to respond and quiet the complaining before it escalates to tears and tantrums…theirs or yours!

Taming Summertime Power Struggles

Wednesday, June 7  
9 to 10 pm (ET)
$25 ($22.50 PEP member)
It’s hot, you’re running late, and your email inbox is blowing up. You need your child to do something, and she refuses. You insist, and she digs in—and the battle is on. Vacation is coming up, and you envision a time of constant negotiation and meltdown. But there is help! Learn what really causes power struggles, get tips to avoid them, and develop a game plan for gaining your child’s cooperation. 

Sibling Rivalry

Wednesday, July 12
9 to 10 pm (ET)
$25 ($22.50 PEP member)
Sibling fighting, teasing, and bickering can be very challenging to parents. Learn why children fight and what you can do to help your children develop better relationships and fight less often.

Start the School Year Right: Avoiding Bedtime Blues

Wednesday, August 23
9 to 10 pm (ET)
$25 ($22.50 PEP member)
Helping children to settle down for bed in the evening is one of the most challenging moments of the day. Learn how to step out of the battle zone and create peaceful, productive transitions for you and your children.

Can’t attend live? By registering, you will be able to join the course live, view a recording at any time for 12 months, or both.

More Details

  • Ask questions and participate in interactive polls.
  • See techniques in action with role play scenarios.
  • Watch after the kids go to bed. Classes meet from 9 to 10 pm.
  • Join the class live, view a recording later, or both!
  • If you experience technical difficulties during a class, please call 301-929-8824.
  • NOTE: Letters of attendance are not available for online classes. 

* * * * *

“This was great for a single mom with two young children. I don’t have the ability to take an evening class, so the online course was extremely convenient. Thank you!”

“I was impressed. I liked the poll questions and the example situations.”

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