Welcome! This is a conversation among parents and others who are doing their best to raise healthy, cooperative, thriving children. Raising children to thrive isn’t easy, especially when those children regularly mess up our plans for their success. We learn the art of parenting from each other, and PEP’s blog is here to help—with tips, tools, talk and encouragement—as well as updates about PEP’s many educational programs.

Our bloggers are like our class leaders (many of them are class leaders)—parents who have found at PEP support, inspiration and a sensible road map for the journey. They’ll share their unique perspectives and experiences, connected by their deep commitment to helping you be the parent you want to be. We invite you to join the conversation.

  • 07|15

    The Consequences of Consequences

    “What If Everything You Knew About Disciplining Kids Was Wrong?” is the title of an article by journalist and PEP parent educator Katherine Reynolds Lewis, in the July/August issue of Mother Jones magazine. In it, we hear the stories of schools and juvenile justice facilities that have implemented “a new approach” to discipline—one that replaces […]... read more>>

  • 07|10

    Tweets of the Week

    Whether you’re at home, at the beach or elsewhere, July is a good time for activities with your children that tend to get crowded out during the school year. Here are a few good suggestions. Parents can build in ‘special time’ with kids this summer This article in USA Today sets the bar high. To parents who “often […]... read more>>

  • 06|19

    Tweets of the Week

    Summer parenting gear includes lists of good children’s books and movies; some fun, fatherly blogs to check out, and advice for parents of middle-school graduates. The secrets I still want my teen to learn When a child goes from middle school to high school, parents need to be thinking in terms of raising an adult. That […]... read more>>

  • 06|12

    Tweets of the Week

    The school year’s end brings on some sort of sigh of relief for most parents, even if the next breath is a bracing for the round of camps, swimming pools, family trips, homework packets and child care arrangements. Take a few moments, while the kids are gleefully kicking back, to read some parenting inspiration and advice for the summer. […]... read more>>

  • 04|21

    Stop Contributing to Narcissism

    This blog entry was first posted at The Imago Center of Washington, DC. Are there more narcissists in America these days? We see entitled children with iPads whose parents hire Uber to take them to their friend’s house and to training with their private coach. Are we afraid to disappoint our children, or hold them […]... read more>>

  • 03|25

    Limit Setting, Class Recap and On to PEP II

    For the final session of our PEP I class, as Paige was out of town, we were treated to a discussion of limit setting led by PEP’s education director and longtime class leader Patti Cancellier. Each leader has their own presentation style and approach to leading a class, but the core material is the same. […]... read more>>

  • 03|17

    Shhhh . . . Listen UP!

    We are almost done with PEP I, hard to believe.  It’s been a fun, connected and terrific class. So terrific that a lot of us are sticking together to go on to PEP II in the spring. I’m so grateful to everyone who made this happen, especially since PEP II is the MOST FUN PEP […]... read more>>

  • 03|09

    The Circle of Encouragement

    Angst, inspiration, change, feeling stuck, solutions, confusion—it’s all there in a PEP class. One brave participant brings up a problem or concern and we grapple with it, dissect it, generate possible solutions, new perspectives, and a little light of encouragement and humor shines down on all of us. When parents hear and empathize with one another and […]... read more>>

  • 03|02

    The Mid-PEP Blues

    Session 5, on Consequences, is over and the condition known as “the mid-PEP blues” has descended upon our circle. We started class last week with a hefty dose of discouragement. We know enough to see that bossing kids around, or letting them boss us around, is not effective. However, the skills that we are learning […]... read more>>

  • 02|27

    Tweets of the Week

    Google Launches YouTube Kids I know kids love YouTube, although, being the parent of teenagers, I was a bit surprised to learn that YouTube is also a hit with the preschool and early elementary school crowd. While YouTube rejects inappropriate content, there can be some pretty dodgy videos out there that younger children inadvertently find. Parents […]... read more>>

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