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Welcome to PEPTalk! This blog is all about parenting – including tips, great articles and updates on our class offerings. The conversation is for parents and others who want to  raise healthy, cooperative, thriving children. Raising children to thrive isn’t easy, especially when those children regularly mess up our plans for their success. We learn the art of parenting from each other, and our PEPTalk blog is here to help—with tips, tools, talk and encouragement—as well as updates about PEP’s many educational programs.

Our bloggers are like our class leaders (many of them are class leaders)—parents who have found at PEP support, inspiration and a sensible road map for the journey. They’ll share their unique perspectives and experiences, connected by their deep commitment to helping you be the parent you want to be. We invite you to join the conversation.

  • 05|08

    When We Start Keeping Score, We’re No Longer Playing on the Same Team

    With Mother’s Day right around the corner, the May 6th New York Times piece, Nearly Half of Men Say They Do Most of the Home Schooling. 3 Percent of Women Agree, felt ill-timed. The article reports on an April survey of 2,200 Americans and suggests that “pandemic-era domestic work isn’t being divided more equitably than before the lockdown.” Without any judgment about the veracity of the data or the experience of the parents reporting it,... read more>>

  • 05|03

    Give Your Child the “Empathy Advantage”

    Dr. Michele Borba is the author of over 20 parenting books, including Unselfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World, described as “a game-changing guide showing why nurturing empathy in our children isn’t optional – it’s essential.” Based in Palm Springs, California, Dr. Borba will present a webinar as part of the Parent Encouragement Program’s Noted Author Series on Tuesday, May 5, 2020, 8 –... read more>>

  • 04|29

    If Not Now, When?

    If there’s one thing that’s has become abundantly clear through this pandemic, it’s that the quality of our relationships matter. There’s no shortage of articles, podcasts, and webinars for both parents and couples on how to survive, repair, endure, or maintain a good (enough) relationship during the coronavirus. Fairly early on, I recall reading a blog post from one of PEP’s Noted Parenting Authors, Julie Lythcott Haims, ... read more>>

  • 04|17

    Tell Me More . . .

    I recently read Kelly Corrigan’s book, Tell Me More: Stories About the 12 Hardest Things I’m Learning to Say. Whether you need to laugh or cry right now, I can’t recommend this book enough; she’s smart, witty, and so relatable. In it, she talks about a parenting strategy that we often recommend at PEP, active listening. She uses the phrase, “tell me more,” and it served me well this week. ... read more>>

  • 04|15

    How to Talk to Children About Death During the Coronavirus Pandemic

    As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, we know that there will be many deaths in our communities. Unfortunately, it is likely that there may be one or more deaths that impact the lives of our children. While it may be difficult to face this fact, it makes sense to be prepared to help our children through these difficult times ahead. Find Teachable Moments Children develop healthy, appropriate responses to death when parents are honest about death. When your preschooler asks about the dead squirrel in the street that was hit by a car,... read more>>

  • 04|03

    The Family Gap Plan

    I recently listened to Brené Brown’s new podcast, Unlocking Us. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend it. There were a few key takeaways in a recent podcast that I thought are worth mentioning here as they are timely, meaningful, and dovetail with our philosophy here at PEP. “We Have Collectively Hit Weary” I don’t know if you’ve felt it this past week,... read more>>

  • 04|01

    Helping Your Children Get Through These (and Other) Difficult Times

    These are difficult days. Families everywhere are reeling as we rapidly have to adopt social distancing and other measures to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. While it’s still in its early days, it is becoming more and more clear that our personal lives will be disrupted by the Coronavirus for months to come. While parents are faced with rapidly rearranging their work and family logistics, they are also trying to figure out how to help their children deal with these new circumstances.... read more>>

  • 03|27

    A Little Help . . .

    Yesterday I had to go back to bed at 1:30 pm and start again after a nap. I’m moving through being optimistic, despair, working out, eating carbs, complaining to friends, catastrophizing, seeking out silver linings, coming up with a ‘plan’ – all in the span of say 40 minutes. Over and over, multiple times a day. You with me? Suddenly parenting and organizing are on the front lines of the Coronavirus. The way out of this pandemic turns out to be US.... read more>>

  • 03|17

    A Message to High School Seniors

    Robbye Fox is a PEP Certified Parent Educator and Educational Consultant with The College Lady... read more>>

  • 03|12

    Parenting in the Time of Coronavirus

    Between the time I am writing this (early March) and you are reading it there will have been countless scary headlines about the coronavirus, and some new useful facts, discoveries, and policies, too.  It feels like a crazy time and adults and children alike are anxious, confused, and unsure what to do or to believe. So how do we parent our children through all this? It turns out that familiar common-sense parenting guidelines still apply,... read more>>

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