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Welcome to PEPTalk! This blog is all about parenting – including tips, great articles and updates on our class offerings. The conversation is for parents and others who want to  raise healthy, cooperative, thriving children. Raising children to thrive isn’t easy, especially when those children regularly mess up our plans for their success. We learn the art of parenting from each other, and our PEPTalk blog is here to help—with tips, tools, talk and encouragement—as well as updates about PEP’s many educational programs.

Our bloggers are like our class leaders (many of them are class leaders)—parents who have found at PEP support, inspiration and a sensible road map for the journey. They’ll share their unique perspectives and experiences, connected by their deep commitment to helping you be the parent you want to be. We invite you to join the conversation.

  • 04|09

    Siblings: When They Hurt Each Other With Their Words

    Q: My kids don’t fight physically, but they are perfectly awful to one another with their words. Their age difference is such that one is far more capable than the other. By ignoring their behavior, as is often recommended when dealing with siblings, I’m afraid it suggests that I don’t mind them treating each other that way or that I’m condoning their behavior. What do you recommend? A: When there is a big vocabulary difference because of an age gap,... read more>>

  • 04|02

    Moving From Critic to Coach

    This story was recently shared in the Discussion Forum for our new 4-week online class, Redefining Discipline: A No Gimmicks Guide to Raising Responsible, Respectful Kids. It demonstrates the impact that small changes can have on the quality of our relationships.   “I do have a success story I have to share:   My daughter has been unmotivated and struggling in math,... read more>>

  • 03|17

    The Slippery Slope of Propping Up Children

    It’s college and private school admissions season — a time when many parents stay up late worrying about the fate of their precious offspring or brainstorming ways to help them get ahead. So I’m not surprised by the news of arrests in a massive college admissions scam consumed the Internet this week.  When authorities charge 50 wealthy parents, celebrities and college coaches with fraud for bending the rules to sneak their privileged children into a “side door,” (link) you can bet the world will be watching and commenting.... read more>>

  • 03|14

    What Message Are We Sending Our Children?

    As a parent, there is almost nothing that you wouldn’t do to help your child become a successful adult. But should you go to such lengths? And where is the line? The recent college admissions scandal shows some specific lines that parents were willing to cross in order to help their teens be admitted to highly competitive colleges and universities. They paid bribes, they cheated and told lies to their own children to make sure that they got into their top choice.... read more>>

  • 02|20

    PEP, A Blueprint for Parenting

    With two, four-week online classes, over 25 on-demand workshops, and two live webinars available this June, some might wonder “where do I begin?” Here at PEP we often talk about a house under construction as a metaphor for parenting. To build a new structure, you need a well-vetted blueprint and a solid construction crew; this is where PEP has you covered. We’ve been offering parenting education since before the word parenting was a verb!... read more>>

  • 02|13

    Lazy Kids? Start Here.

    By Trish Pannuto & Colleen Reed An 8th grader disinterested in her household chore, accusing Mom of being “too picky,” and a Mom growing increasingly frustrated with her “lackadaisical” teenager. Does this story sound familiar? The Mom asked Carolyn Hax for advice, who promptly (and to our delight) suggested she turn to PEP to find some balance in her household. At PEP, we hear versions of this same story every day from parents of preschoolers through teens.... read more>>

  • 02|05

    Social Connection – Is There Really an App for That?

    By Robbye Fox Social connection – the sense of being understood and genuinely belonging within a group – has been identified as a major contributor to a healthy, fulfilling life. It’s a “chicken soup” for our physical and psychological well-being, especially for adolescents who are struggling with who they are and finding their place in the world. With the onslaught of social media apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat,... read more>>

  • 01|24

    Anger: A Primer

    By Paige Trevor From ages 0 – 32 my go-to emotion was crying.  If I wanted to rally the troops around me and get something done, I would cry and pout.  At 32 with two children under age four,  I was suddenly the adult. In my new found adulthood I realized I couldn’t tearfully call my sister to solve the morning mayhem problem.  No, I had to get two smallies out of the house,... read more>>

  • 01|16

    The Value of Cultivating a “Yes Brain”

    When asked, about raising balanced, resilient, insightful and empathetic kids, Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, author of “The Yes Brain,” shared the following in a recent interview with Katherine Reynolds Lewis. A: I think parents are overwhelmed and taxed. I think one thing that seems fairly common and changeable, is that when kids get reactive or disrespectful or have problematic behavior because they’re dysregulated and have lost balance, parents join them in that reactive state of mind and it just amplifies the distress all around.... read more>>

  • 01|10

    Caring For Yourself Can Be Good For Your Child – Part II

    In last week’s blog, we talked about the importance of taking care of ourselves; how building in time for ourselves can make us feel more centered and less prone to anger. This week we’re circling back to share some specific ideas about self-care. Self-care comes in many forms. When some people hear about self-care, what come to mind are manicures, pedicures and massages. They think they have neither the time nor the money for such luxuries.... read more>>

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