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Former Stanford dean explains why helicopter parenting is ruining a generation of children 10|20|2015

Coping with Failure: How Disapointment Can Benefit Children 09|13|2015

Washington Parent

How Texting Can Help Families Talk (featuring PEP parents) 09|10|2015

The Wall Street Journal

How to prevent gender stereotypes at home (featuring PEP’s Patti Cancellier) 09|10|2015

The Washington Post

Family Time Recharge: How to Develop Healthy Internet Habits 08|13|2015

Washington Parent

You said WHAT about time outs? 08|10|2015

Do Time Outs Work In Disciplining Children? 08|10|2015

Five Reasons I’m Not A Fan of Time Outs 08|10|2015

Family Time Recharge: How to Develop Healthy Internet Habits 07|30|2015

Washington Parent

What to do if your toddler is swearing 07|28|2015

Fox News
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