Who We Are

PEP's mission is to build strong, harmonious family relationships through parenting education, skills training and support. We help adults foster the values of mutual respect, shared responsibility, competence and cooperation in young people, preparing them to make positive contributions to their families, their communities and the world at large.

What We Are

The Parent Encouragement Program (PEP) is a nonprofit, educational organization established in 1982, providing classes both in-person and online to parents and all who care for children, toddlers through teens.

Who We Serve

We serve parents, grandparents, caregivers and teachers from all communities and at every stage of family life.

What We Offer

We offer a wide range of programs both in-person and online, from multi-week classes to webinars on common parenting challenges. PEP presenters speak frequently at schools and community organizations. Our Partnership Program provides free parenting classes in Spanish for low-income parents.  

Who Leads Our Classes

PEP class instructors are parents who are actively raising children (or grandchildren!) and came to PEP for guidance. Their training includes taking and assisting in hundreds of hours of PEP classes to share their knowledge with you.

What We Have Accomplished

Last year, we

  • Provided parenting classes to over 3,500 parents and caregivers
  • Spoke at 83 PTAs and community-based organizations
  • Spent 85% of our revenue on parenting classes and programs.

Where We Operate

We hold classes and speak at dozens of events throughout the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Our main office is in Kensington, Maryland. 

What We Accomplished in Fiscal Year 2019

Parent Encouragement Program
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Kensington, MD 20895