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PEP, A Blueprint for Parenting

By Trish Pannuto & Colleen Reed

With two, four-week online classes, over 25 on-demand workshops, and two live webinars available this June, some might wonder “where do I begin?”

Here at PEP we often talk about a house under construction as a metaphor for parenting. To build a new structure, you need a well-vetted blueprint and a solid construction crew; this is where PEP has you covered. We’ve been offering parenting education since before the word parenting was a verb! With over 36 years in the business of parenting and a cadre of parent educators who understand your challenges, PEP alums find camaraderie and support while they develop a solid parenting plan.

Just as houses require updates and renovations, parents need to refresh their skills as kids continually grow and change, reaching new developmental milestones. Our online programs bring PEP’s parenting experience to busy parents, just when you need it – whether it’s 2 pm or 2 am!

Where Do I Begin?
Our Encouragement Master Class provides the foundation, the base on which all of PEP’s parenting strategies are built. You wouldn’t build a house on a weak foundation; likewise, you can’t help children develop into capable, resilient adults (that is the goal!) when day-to-day interactions and relationships are steeped in a negative, discouraging spin cycle.

Parents find that many of the challenges leading them to PEP – defiance, power struggles, screen time issues – become less problematic when they have tools to foster their child’s independence, resilience, and cooperation.

The new Redefining Discipline Master Class builds on this strong foundation with strategies to scaffold your parenting approach: coaching your kids towards self-discipline through natural and logical consequences, problem-solving, and learning from mistakes instead of relying on punishment, rewards, nagging or arguing.

Where Do On-Demand Workshops & Live Webinars Fit In?
Our on-demand workshops and live webinars are one hour in length and provide tips on specific parenting challenges – things like sibling rivalry, power struggles, getting out of the house in the morning, dealing with screen time, or helping kids with homework. They also touch on elements of the fundamental strategies of encouragement and problem solving taught in our four-week master classes.

If you’re new to PEP, the on-demand workshops and webinars can serve as an entry point, providing tips to address a challenging behavior at home. We believe that you’ll find the tools and strategies taught in these single session offerings helpful enough that you’ll be inspired to learn more and join us for a master class where transformative change can happen!

PEP alums will find the on-demand workshops and webinars useful to enhance and refresh skills learned in a PEP class – whether online or in-person. We all need reminders of how to apply a concept to a specific situation, and these workshops provide practice for all parents. For example, how can I be encouraging to my child when we’re stressed and scrambling to get to school in the morning? When my kids are fighting and hurting each other, how do I respond without yelling? How do I manage my child’s screen time successfully?

How you begin isn’t an issue, the fact that you’re here is! Whether you chart a new parenting course through one of our master classes or get some new tips during a webinar, PEP exists to help you build a solid foundation and structure for successful parenting. Details below, join us!

Master Class: Redefining Discipline: A No Gimmicks Guide to Raising Responsible, Respectful Kids

Master Class: Encouragement! Building Your Child’s Confidence From the Inside Out!

On-Demand Workshops

Upcoming LIVE Webinars:

  • Setting Limits With Extra Challenging Children – 9 pm ET, June 20th
  • Power Tools for Power Struggles – 9 pm ET, June 25th

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