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A Little Help . . .

By Paige Trevor

Yesterday I had to go back to bed at 1:30 pm and start again after a nap. I’m moving through being optimistic, despair, working out, eating carbs, complaining to friends, catastrophizing, seeking out silver linings, coming up with a ‘plan’ – all in the span of say 40 minutes. Over and over, multiple times a day. You with me?

Suddenly parenting and organizing are on the front lines of the Coronavirus. The way out of this pandemic turns out to be US. Each family, one by one, called up to endure and persevere and perhaps even thrive together. Here are a few thoughts that have bubbled up in the last two tumultuous weeks.

  1. Lead and Lean: Take turns leading and leaning on people. Both are important skills. I’ve been doing some online classes, leading some small groups on Zoom and every time I show up for someone else I feel better, I hear good tips from others, I’m inspired, and we almost always share a good laugh. Leading can help you focus, live in the now and be helpful.

    I also am doing a fair share of leaning. JUST as important in these times is leaning on others. My stepsister is an artist and we were texting a week or so ago our despair. I told her when one of my kids was having a hard time we committed to doing a “daily doodle” and it passed the time, and shared some joy. We were woefully inconsistent, we needed a leader, could she be our leader? And you know what, she took the baton – a few hours later she had created prompts for the rest of March and today is Day 10 of the #ketedailydoodlechallenge – join us on Instagram. Every night we sit down, get our mind on something new – a pet, a drink, a dessert, a water sport. In our family, we set the timer for 10 minutes – that’s it – no masterpieces required, just a doodle – creativity and community. So if your kid wants to run some part of the day lean on them, follow the directions and lead by following.

  2. Media Diet – I put myself on a strict media diet since my brain tends to spiral really fast. No news until 12pm. I ask my family not to even mention anything until then, that way I get a few hours to get some stuff done, have manageable thoughts, and feel productive and ‘normal’. Speak up for yourself – I was recently in a Zoom Happy Hour and someone excused themselves as the discussion took a solid turn into the Coronavirus. She modeled how to do that respectfully. After she left someone checked in with her via text and we all considered if we might be able to have some Coronavirus free time during future happy hours.

  3. Enjoy the Free Stuff – There has been such an outpouring of giving online, slurp it up! PEP offered 11 free webinars in the Parenting Support During the Coronavirus series that you can access here.

  4. Learn Something New, Schedule Ongoing Connection, and Support – Join one of PEP’s month-long, online Master Classes, Encouragement! Building Your Child’s Confidence From the Inside Out or Redefining Discipline, A No Gimmicks Guide to Raising Responsible Respectful Kids. With these classes, new video content will be released on Saturdays throughout the month. In addition to learning new parenting strategies, you’ll benefit from weekly encouragement and support through live, online class discussions held during the week. Class participants get the added benefit of daily support through the moderated class discussion. A supportive community has never been more critical than it is right now; join us!

    The blog post by PEP Certified Parent Educator, Paige Trevor, originally appeared on the Nifty Tips Blogs at Balancing Act DC, LLC .


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