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Building New Pathways to Meet Parents Where They Are: PEP’s New Strategic Direction

By Kathy Hedge, PEP Executive Director

Over the past 6 months, PEP has reached out to a variety of stakeholders to learn how we can more effectively reach, and meet the needs of, today’s parents. We conducted surveys and held numerous meetings with school, community and business partners, parents, and PEP parent educators and volunteers. 

We learned a lot. We learned there is a large diversity of needs among parents and families, both in terms of issues they seek help with, and the ways they can best engage with PEP. We also learned there continues to be strong support for PEP’s mission. We heard wide-spread acknowledgement that ‘strengthening parenting’ is an investment that pays off not only for parents and children directly, but also for institutions such as schools, companies, and other groups that serve or work with parents and children.

As a result, PEP is excited to announce a new strategic direction that builds on our 38 years of providing transformative parenting education. While we will continue to provide services directly to parents, we are introducing a new line of services tailored especially to organizations – schools, employers, nonprofits, grantmakers and others.

PEP will continue to offer year-round programs directly for parents, both in-person and online. Our 2019 fall schedule includes our renowned in-person core classes, our award-winning online master classes, and a wide variety of webinars and videos. Check out our website at PEPparent.org for continuing updates.

In addition, PEP will offer services especially for organizations and institutions that work with parents and children. These institutions range from pediatric practices that want to give their families more parenting resources, to corporate wellness programs that want to help parents with stress and work/family balance, to schools and nonprofits that want to boost child development and achievement outcomes. If you are part of a school, company, or organization with parents and families who could benefit from PEP’s impactful parenting programs, give us a call at 301.929.8824 or email us at office@PEPparent.org.  

We hope to see you at a PEP program soon!

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