Classes & Programs

I was searching for a parenting philosophy to serve as the foundation for my commitment to raise encouraged, independent, confident and happy children. PEP has surpassed my expectations, and my children and I are so grateful. Cheryl Lonergan, M.D.

Core Classes

We are one of the few organizations that offer a comprehensive, in-depth curriculum in multi-week classes for parents of young children, school age children and teens. For each age group, the core class series provides up to 28 weeks of cumulative teaching, from basic parenting concepts and skills through advanced understanding of social relationships.

Short Courses & Workshops

Topics such as managing anger, setting limits and raising resilient children are covered in some of our shorter courses (2 to 4 weeks). We also offer dozens of 2-hour parenting workshops on topics from toddler tantrums to boomerang college grads, and everything in between.

Open Forum Counseling

A PEP specialty, OFC features a volunteer family talking with a professional therapist about a common problem, such as household chores, while the audience learns principles and skills to apply with their own families.

Noted Author Talks

Every year we bring to the Washington area some of the best voices in parenting theory and practice to speak to a large audience of parents and others who care about children. Recent noted authors include Lawrence J. Cohen, Rosalind Wiseman, Kenneth Ginsburg and Hal Runkel.

Speakers Bureau

Would you like a parenting expert to speak to your PTA or other community organization? You can request one of our certified parent educators to present a topic of your choice, selected from our list of popular topics or tailored to the interests of your group.

Individual Consults

Could you use personalized help with your parenting dilemma? Certified parent educators who have taken further training in parent coaching are ready to listen and guide you through PEP’s time-tested, encouraging process of problem solving.


Parent Encouragement Program
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