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If Not Now, When?

By Trish Pannuto

If there’s one thing that’s has become abundantly clear through this pandemic, it’s that the quality of our relationships matter. There’s no shortage of articles, podcasts, and webinars for both parents and couples on how to survive, repair, endure, or maintain a good (enough) relationship during the coronavirus.

Fairly early on, I recall reading a blog post from one of PEP’s Noted Parenting Authors, Julie Lythcott Haims10 Tips For Sheltering in Place Without Losing Your Mind. One tip was to “set a goal you want to meet by the time we’re allowed out again.” A goal might be something you want to try, improve, or cultivate. Here at PEP, we might suggest trying a new parenting approach through one of our online Master Classes. What’s important to note here is that the skills you learn when you join one of our Master Classes transcend parenting. You’ll learn communication and relational skills that apply to all relationships, both personal and professional. So if it feels better, call it “professional development” or think of it as joining your kids in the experience of online learning!

Our monthly online Master Classes begin on the first Saturday of the month. Each Saturday, you’ll receive a new Video Lesson to watch at your convenience on any device. Throughout the week, you’ll have ongoing support through an online forum and “try this at home” exercises. Then, get your questions answered through a live, weekly class discussion.

Learn new ideas, gain perspective, develop skills, find community. For information and to register, click here. If not now. When?

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