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If We Don’t Look Back, How Do We Move Forward?

By PEP Staff Writer

For many of us, the New Year is often coupled with resolutions — ideas about how we can improve ourselves, our families, our health, or even our professional life. Rather than focusing on how we could create a “new and improved self,” our time may be better spent reflecting back on the year, because, “if we don’t look back, how do we move forward?” 

Author Daniel Pink recently shared a blog post from Fast Company, “How (and Why) You Should Give Yourself a Year-End Review.” The blog featured the following thoughtful questions that could be the basis of some personal work — or better yet — some ideas for a meaningful family conversation around the table as you celebrate the New Year.

  1. What were three to four highs and three to four lows? 
  2. What enabled or motivated you to reach those highs, and how did you successfully move through the lows?
  3. What worked and didn’t work? In other words, what do you need to do more or less of?
  4. What stressed you out the most, and how could you navigate it better?
  5. And, most important, what were you most grateful for in 2019, and how can you take that into 2020?

If you’re a family that keeps a notebook at family meetings, imagine this activity as a tradition and the treasures you’ll find when, in future years, you look back at how you answered the questions!

And, if your answer to question 4, “What stressed you out the most?”  included any of the following, then please make PEP one of your New Year’s resolutions!

  • Too much yelling — you or your kids
  • Messy bedrooms
  • Unfinished homework
  • Disrespectful communication
  • Fears about the teen years
  • Tantruming two-year-olds

As parents we have a tremendous amount of influence; we create the family atmosphere which in turn conveys our values and lays the foundation for who are children can become. If your family atmosphere could use some help to become more warm, friendly and cooperative, then PEP is the place for you. 

In 2019 PEP served over 3,500 families through our classes, both in-person and online. If you. haven’t done so already, we hope you’ll become a PEP family in the New Year!


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