Individual Consults

One-on-one parenting education is available through the PEP Consult program. If you want personalized help, or you can’t fit one of our parenting classes into your schedule right now, a PEP Consult can be the answer for you.

This service is available to anyone who has completed at least one of PEP’s parenting programs either in-person or online. Spouses or partners may participate as well.

If you are new to PEP, we offer a free online video series, Why Don’t My Kids Listen to Me? that provides an introduction to PEP’s parenting approach. This 45-minute series outlines parenting strategies that lead to better parent-child communication and cooperation while also encouraging firm boundaries and shared responsibility.

Where will the consults happen? During COVID times, all sessions are occurring online. You will decide with the PEP Parent Educator the date, time, and location of your session(s). 

How much does this service cost? Consults are available in 50-minute sessions for $95. (Note: This service is not reimbursable by insurance.)

How do I arrange a consult? Please contact the PEP office answering these questions: full name, address, age of children, description of problem, and if you would like a particular PEP Educator at office@PEPparent.org. Include the Parent Educator you are requesting, your name, address, telephone number and the best times to reach you. The PEP Parent Educator will contact you to arrange for your consult. 

Who conducts the PEP Consults? PEP’s most experienced, certified Parent Educators have trained to provide this service. You may work with any of these individuals.

Please click here to pay for a PEP Consult before your session. The registration system will prompt you to create an account if you have not already.

Pascale Brady

Pascale has led a wide variety of PEP classes and workshops for over 15 years. A widow and single mom of two teens, she is a life and business coach specializing in Challenge Coaching.

Patti Cancellier

Patti has over 20 years’ experience teaching and consulting with parents of children ranging in age from 1 to 25, and with parents whose children are coping with some learning challenges.

Robyn Des Roches

Robyn focuses on preschool-age children and those with special needs. Also a writer, she frequently contributes PEP’s “Ages and Stages” column in Washington Parent magazine.

Lisa DiSciullo

Lisa’s warm, encouraging style has helped frazzled families move from chaos to calm. Lisa has offered classes and talks since she became a PEP certified parent educator in 2010. She also works with parents individually through her coaching practice. She is the mother of three 20-somethings and lives in NJ. All consultations are done via phone or video-conferencing.

Robbye Fox

Robbye is a mother of three who focuses on challenges and opportunities of parenting teens and young adults, as well as topics of technology, financial education, family meetings and parenting children with ADD.

Marlene Goldstein

Marlene has taught PEP classes for more than 20 years, working with parents of children ranging in age from birth to 25.

Carol Hoffman

Carol Hoffman is a Certified Parent Educator with the Parent Encouragement Program. She has been leading classes since 2008. Parenting is a journey and Carol enjoys guiding parents to navigate the inevitable ups and downs of family life towards positive connection and engagement with their children all along the way.

Dana Spencer

Dana Spencer is a Certified Parent Educator with the Parent Encouragement Program. Dana has been teaching parenting classes with PEP for eight years and has been involved in PEP for ten years. Dana is a big believer in the value of integrating PEP principles into daily family life as early as possible. As such, she has focused most of her efforts toward working with the parents of toddlers, preschoolers and early primary. She has a BA in Communication and a Masters in Business Administration. Her favorite part of life remains raising three amazing boys, now ages 18, 15 and 11.

Molly Jackman

Molly Jackman discovered PEP parenting classes 18 years ago and they changed her life. Learning to live in cooperation instead of conflict, her whole family became much happier. She has three children: two young adults and one in college. Molly both teaches and helps with development for PEP.

Linda Jessup

As PEP’s founder, Linda directed PEP and taught classes for 18 years while raising seven children—biological, foster and adopted. Linda still teaches at PEP each winter and conducts consults by phone year-round.

Tory Joseph

Tory has been working for 18 years with parents of children age 1 to 25. She is a counselor and couples therapist, who especially enjoys working on problems with teens and tweens.

Maureen McElroy

As a therapist and as a senior PEP Leader for over 15 years, Maureen supports parents as they solve parenting challenges. She helps them as they work to improve relationships not only with their children, but also with their spouse, parents, in-laws, or siblings. 

Elaine Robinson

Elaine has 18 years’ experience working with parents of children ranging in age from 5 to 16. She is the parent of twin girls.

Lynne Ticknor

Lynne is PEP’s Education Director and has been a PEP certified parent educator since 2006. She passionately believes in PEP’s parenting approach and enjoys working with parents to help them build a harmonious, respectful and cooperative family. Lynne is the mom of four children.

Paige Trevor

Paige has been leading PEP classes since 2006 and is also a professional organizer.  She works mainly with parents of children age 5 through 12.

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