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By Elizabeth Gelfeld, Certified PEP Parent Educator

We’re excited to introduce our new website and this blog! You probably have at least one child in your life who is very dear to you. You’re a parent—or you might be a stepparent, grandparent, teacher, childcare provider, or any combination of those. You might know PEP already—maybe you’ve taken a class or workshop with us—or you’re just discovering us now. In any case, we’re glad you’re here.

What will you find in this blog? There are lots of parenting blogs—what’s special about this one? For one thing, you’ll be hearing regularly from a variety of writers, because we’re a community of parents learning and teaching together. Many of us are PEP class leaders. Each of us has a unique perspective, and our experiences and opinions are our own and do not necessarily reflect the positions of PEP, although we won’t contradict PEP’s values. PEP has a well established and tested philosophy of parenting education, and we’ll be exploring facets of that.

As editor and one of the writers of this blog, I hope to seed and grow a thriving, thought-provoking conversation on all the important issues of parenting. I’ll bring you dispatches from all stages of parenting life because, collectively, we have children from toddlers through 30-somethings, and some of us are grandparents, too.

Some of the topics you’ll find here:

  • News and notes about PEP’s classes and events
  • Parenting tips and how-to’s
  • Some PEP history
  • Who we are—PEP class leaders, staff and volunteers
  • Top parenting questions and answers
  • Words of wisdom from the past—and what they mean for us today
  • Book reviews
  • Reflections on current issues and events

What do you think? What’s the number one parenting issue on your mind today?

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