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Our Kids’ Review of the Can Do Kids Fair

At the recent Can Do Kids Fair we heard many enthusiastic comments from kids and parents in the halls and collected more from the written evaluations, but at least one parent wrote a detailed review of the fair at Our Kids, a site featuring family activities and resources in the DC metro area.

Kathleen Seiler Neary attended the fair with her son, after hearing about it for several years. “Honestly, this is an event that did not sound like it would be exciting to me,” she writes. “Vacuuming, shining shoes, and cleaning the kitchen are not at the top of my thrill list. Yet my 4-year-old absolutely loved showing off his skills and quickly mastering new ones.”

She reports on activities they did including woodworking, electrical repair and using a sewing machine. She also notes the activities they skipped on the way to more fun-looking tasks, such as the shoe shine station. “Brushing shoe wax on with a toothbrush and buffing it off with a large shoe brush was definitely something we’ve never worked on at home, but now I’ll be scanning my closet for dull shoes.”

You can read Kathleen’s full report here. And watch for the date of the 2015 fair, which will be announced by June so you can put it on your calendar.

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