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PEP Welcomes New Board Member

We recently welcomed to the board of directors Amy Kossoff Smith, of Write Ideas, Inc., and The MomTini Lounge.

Amy is a nationally recognized parenting expert, award-winning journalist, public relations entrepreneur and self-described “MS ‘97” (Mom Since 1997). She and her husband, Mitch, are the parents of three boys. Amy has been involved with PEP for many years and recently completed the Thriving with Teens class.

On PEP’s board Amy chairs the marketing committee, bringing to the task 20-plus years of experience as the founder of Write Ideas, Inc., creating and implementing publicity programs and campaigns for businesses including Fortune 500 companies in the retail, restaurant and technology sectors and family-oriented nonprofits such as Teen Angel Project and Fuel Your Dreams.

At her website, The MomTini Lounge (Tips and Tools for The Business of Motherhood), Amy blogs regularly about parenting topics as varied as National Bullying Prevention Month, grab-and-go breakfast ideas and this post, reporting on last week’s teleconference at the PEP office with Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, our Noted Parenting Author coming to the Washington area November 13th and 14th.

Dr. Bryson’s two talks will focus on how understanding brain development can help parents work more effectively with their kids. Amy compares this with good business relations: “understanding the mindset of our client. We wouldn’t storm into a boardroom making all kinds of new demands. . . . Yet we expect our kids to be ‘at the ready’ for our messages 24/7.”

Check out Amy’s blog and her contest to win two free tickets to the talk Thursday evening, November 13, on “Managing Strong Emotions.”

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