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Putting a Stop to Whining

It’s a noise that all parents hear sooner or later, because all children whine. So says PEP board member Rinny Yourman, and we know she’s right. In her article “How to Put an END to Whining!” for the local parenting site Activity Rocket, Rinny describes the extremely annoying voices with piercing accuracy and then details the parenting actions that are known to solve the problem.

These actions, which include not responding directly to the whining, are easy to understand but “require an iron will,” she says. For more tips and tools and a chance to get answers to all your “But what if . . .?” questions, come to PEP’s workshop Putting a Damper on Whining, for parents of children age 2-12, this Friday, March 21, 9:45-11:45 am, in Kensington.

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