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(Re) Finding a Steady-State

Lately, life feels like a mobile trying to remain balanced in a (hot and humid) gale-force wind. I’ve been thinking about mobiles as a metaphor for life. Suspended from the ceiling, they artfully demonstrate a balance of forces. Without any outside forces acting on them, mobiles are at rest. But life is rarely that stable, there is always some force at play that impacts our calm and stability. So, too, with a mobile. Because the pieces are connected, pressure or motion applied to any of the elements creates a ripple effect. To return a mobile to a steady-state, they need a counteracting force of equal magnitude — or maybe we could clip off part of the mobile and try to rebalance the remaining structure!

This thought caused me to think about a conversation I had years ago with PEP Founder, Linda Jessup. At that time, I used the metaphor of juggling balls to describe the frenzy that was life. I asked, “how do I keep all the balls in the air without one of them crashing to the floor?” Her reply was simple, “sometimes, it’s okay to just put one of those balls on the shelf.”

The chronic state of uncertainty that we’re living with and the adjustments that we’re continually making are exhausting. As we look for balance in this swampy, August, COVID19 wind, what piece of the mobile could you clip off to calm the ripples? What ball would you consider putting on the shelf?

As author H. Jackson Brown said, “Life is slippery. Here, take my hand.” That’s our offer to you. Join us for one of our Online Master Classes where, together, we can courageously navigate this uncharted territory.


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sikis izle says:

If you want to use the photo it would also be good to check with the artist beforehand in case it is subject to copyright. Best wishes. Aaren Reggis Sela

pepadmin says:

Hi Aaren,
We purchased this photo — it was available through a stock photo site.

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