Community Workshops

Looking for some new insight, tips, tools or ideas on parenting or child development? Invite one of PEP’s certified parent educators to speak at your event!

PEP’s certified parent educators are available to speak at PTA meetings, preschool parent nights, business lunches and other gatherings of parents, teachers and others who work with children. 

As parents themselves, PEP parent educators share practical skills with warmth, humor and professionalism. They have helped thousands of people understand parenting issues and how to apply concepts and strategies to parenting challenges.

PEP Introductory Talks / $275   

During this time when public spaces are closed, Introductory Talks can only be hosted online as a webinar, and schools/PTAs must host the webinar using their own videoconference platform. PEP’s Introductory Talks provide parents with an overview of PEP’s parenting approach as well as new strategies that parents can try right away with their children.  We are able to offer PEP Introductory Talks to public schools and community-based nonprofits at the discounted fee of $275 (thanks to PEP donors!). This is a great way to introduce PEP to parents at your school or organization and gauge their interest in additional parenting programs.  

Please note: 

Choose from the 4 topics listed below. These 45 to 60 minute workshops provide an overview of positive parenting techniques and can be adapted to a broad range of ages, from preschoolers to teens. The goal of these programs is to share core concepts with parents and practice applying them to their own parenting challenges. In this way, the workshops help parents find a few solutions to try at home.  

Positive Discipline During the Coronavirus: During the challenging times of 2020, children and families are experiencing many changes that make limit-setting difficult for parents. Move away from punishment and toward using encouragement, consequences, limits and agreements, for an approach to discipline that stimulates cooperation and self-restraint.  

Why Don’t My Kids Listen to Me? COVID Edition: Is it harder to communicate with your child now that the coronavirus has changed the way we live day to day? Do you find yourself giving in to your kids’ demands and/or yelling at them? Get a taste of PEP’s approach to positive discipline, plus specific actions you can take to gain your children’s cooperation without nagging, bribing or yelling.  

Power Tools for Power Struggles: Frequent power struggles, whether between adults or between parents and children, impact relationships, especially while everyone is working and schooling at home together. These struggles can intensify with the added stress of the Coronavirus. Learn what happens when a conflict develops and gain some insights into redirecting that energy in ways that tend to solve problems and bring people closer. 

Raising “I Can” Kids in a COVID World: Tired of hearing the words ‘I can’t’? Looking for ways to empower your children with a positive ‘can-do’ attitude during difficult times? Learn strategies to increase your child’s sense of feeling connected, capable, competent and courageous during this pandemic.

Instructions to request an Introductory Talk 

Answer these questions in your email to 

The presentation needs at least 50 minutes to get through the presentation and allow for Q&A. 

PEP Online Workshop / $875 

Looking for a more in-depth exploration of a specific parenting challenge? Choose one of the topics below. Workshops generally run from 60-90 minutes with time for presentation and Q&A. 

The fee includes: 

Available webinars are listed below: 

To read about these webinars in more detail visit this page

Instructions to request a PEP Workshop 

Answer these questions in your email to 

The presentation needs at least 60 minutes to get through the presentation and allow for Q&A.

If you’re looking to for a series of programs or have another idea that isn’t offered on this page, please contact Program Director Colleen Reed at this email: 

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