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Summer parenting gear includes lists of good children’s books and movies; some fun, fatherly blogs to check out, and advice for parents of middle-school graduates.

The secrets I still want my teen to learn

When a child goes from middle school to high school, parents need to be thinking in terms of raising an adult. That can be difficult, especially when your 14-year-old is rolling her eyes, sleeping till noon and leaving a trail of wet towels. Mia Geiger’s article at The Washington Post’s On Parenting lists some ABCs of “life, love and everything in between.” Her lessons are written with a girl in mind, but parents of boys will find them easy to translate.

32 Enthralling Summer Reading Books for Kids of All Ages

The HuffPost Education blog gives an enticing synopsis with each book cover. The book categories aren’t quite as helpful; Little Readers (Pre-K) and Picture Books are clear enough, but all the rest are grouped as Tweens & Teens. Nonetheless, clicking on any book title will take you to the publisher and more specific age recommendations.

Kids’ Summer Movie Guide 2015

Don’t go to the movies without checking Common Sense Media’s “cheat sheet to help you decide which high-profile summer movies are appropriate for you and your kids.” Plus, you can click on any movie title to get CSM’s detailed rating and everything “parents need to know” about the content.

6 of the best dad blogs on the Internet

Celebrate Father’s Day with some laughs and serious parental love as you scroll through these dad blogs compiled by Mashable. Number 1 is local blogger Brent Almond, who a couple of years ago took PEP’s Parenting Preschoolers class and wrote about applying some of the techniques he was learning in Bedtime Battle: A Sleepless Saga in 31 Rounds.

“Questions my kids actually answer”

Summer can open up more time (think car rides, the beach, etc.) for conversation with our children—as long as we can find topics they’ll talk about. Here’s a source of free, creative questions you can receive daily, via text or email, from ParentsTogether.

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