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You won’t have to search far to find back-to-school articles this week. So, we’ll give you a break: only two of this week’s Tweets are about the S-topic. The others will give you information on teens and video games; books to help kids when their parents separate; and interactive picture books for young children.

I tried to help my kids have a great school year by helping less. Here’s what worked and what didn’t.

What happens when a parent backs off, resists hovering and allows a child to make mistakes? Adrienne Wichard-Edds, a contributor to On Parenting at The Washington Post, gives examples of last year’s results with her sixth- and fourth-grade sons and what she plans to work on this year.

Video Games Are Key Elements in Friendships for Many Boys

Seventy-two percent of all teens, and 84 percent of teen boys, play video games. If you’re a concerned parent, knowledge about their gaming world is powerful, both for understanding and for communicating with your teen. A good place to start is this report from the Pew Research Center, which analyzes “the role of video games in teen friendships, with a particular focus on the way in which gaming spaces impact and contribute to friendships among boys.”

11 Helpful Books for Kids on Divorce & Separation

When parents separate or divorce, these selected new and older books compiled at Yummy Mummy Club can help children by giving words and support for their feelings and advice on coping with the practical changes. The list includes books for preschool through older elementary and middle school children.

5 Fun Interactive Picture Books for Kids

“Set down the devices—these 5 books cleverly engage your children sans screen,” says PragmaticMom‘s children’s lit blogger Mia Wenjen in her introduction to this colorful list from Miranda Paul.

Retooling Summertime Sleep Routines

Now is a good time to start to “wean kids gradually from summer sleep schedules” — Tip #1 in this article by Erin J. Bernard at Creative Child. Taken together, all these tips outline an action plan for the transition to the school year.

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