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100 Parenting Experts to Follow

What better way to begin a holiday weekend than with this shout out from Dr. Lynne Kenney (@DrLynneKenney)! We’re honored to be included in this list of 100 Parenting Experts to Follow on Twitter, along with Alyson Schafer, Michele Borba, Amy McCready, Dr. Laura Markham and PEP Noted Author (2013) Rosalind Wiseman.

If you’re not already following us on Twitter you can find us @PEPparent. Or, if you just want to see what we’re tweeting about, simply type @PEPparent into your browser.

Another fun place to find PEP is Pinterest! With boards such as Kids in the Kitchen, Tips for Toddlers, Tools for Kids—Tools for Parents, too!—and a board dedicated to humor, you’re sure to find something interesting at PEP on Pinterest.

Do you need a measles booster? Some adults do

The recent measles outbreak has highlighted controversy around vaccinating children. Parents, whatever your position, please don’t overlook your own health, too. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “If you received an MMR [measles] vaccine in the 1960s, you may require a booster for full protection. It all depends on the type of vaccine you received.” Contact your doctor for guidance; checking your immunity involves only a blood draw and, in the worst-case scenario, you get a booster. Added bonus: you can model for your kids courage when facing a vaccination.

Alcohol and You: An Interactive Body

As we say in our Thriving with Teens classes, talking about sensitive subjects—drugs, sex and alcohol—isn’t one conversation; it’s a series of conversations. CollegeDrinkingPrevention.gov has a lot of useful tools to explore with your college and high school kids on the topic of alcohol.

7 ways to be mindful with a teen

Mindfulness is a hot topic these days. In addition to helping people improve mental and physical health, mindfulness is growing in popularity as a practice in daily life to increase our capacity to focus and self-regulate, thereby changing our reactions to stressful situations (e.g., parenting). This week Karen Mazen Miller shared an awesome post, 7 ways to be mindful with a teen.

While we’re on the topic, check out these 3 Fun Mindfulness Exercises for Kids (Illustrated).

It’s worth noting that many schools are embracing the practice of mindfulness to increase focus and lower stress—who couldn’t use some of that? If you’re looking to explore mindfulness, join us Feb. 17 and 24 at 7:00 pm for The Art and Science of Mindfulness: Helping Our Students Manage Stress, Increase Resilience and Lead Healthier Lives.

Trading Time-Outs for Time-Ins

One last piece worth mentioning this week is Trading Time-Outs for Time-Ins: Dr. Laura Markham’s advice on finding the “sweet spot” for raising happy and successful kids.

Enjoy the holiday weekend, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Compiled by Trish Pannuto, PEP leader and president of PEP’s board of directors. 

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