Why PEP?


Our classes conform to research-tested best practices for parenting education and support.

  • Class curricula focus on child development and parenting skills.
  • Our group settings help participants see that they are not alone – other parents share similar problems.
  • We help parents solve existing behavior problems and prevent new ones before they begin.
  • We actively engage participants and teach to all learning styles.

Classes vary in length from comprehensive, core parenting classes (8 to 10 weeks) to single-session workshops.

  • PEP’s sequential series of core classes offers in-depth information and training in all aspects of parenting children in a particular age range.
  • Parents can choose classes to fit their schedules and needs.
  • Shorter classes and workshops give parents a “taste” of PEP’s approach and targeted training on specific parenting issues.
  • All of our classes lead parents to be more encouraging and effective and to make beneficial changes in their families’ lives.

Our Certified Parent Educators are trained and experienced parent volunteers who:

  • Complete PEP’s series of core courses (28 weeks) and additional coursework and classroom training (2-5 years).
  • Understand parenting issues and how to apply concepts and strategies to particular situations.
  • Are available to answer class members’ questions.
  • Deliver practical skills instruction with warmth, humor and professionalism.
  • "Walk the talk" because their own families benefited from PEP.

PEP helps parents to better understand and work with their children and to enjoy parenting and family life.

  • Children who feel understood are more likely to listen to and comply with parents’ wishes.
  • Power struggles and battles of will diminish and stop entirely as parents learn to empower their children in positive ways.
  • When children feel better about themselves, their behavior improves and they want to learn and achieve their goals.
  • Parents learn how to organize the work of the family and take time for family fun, so both work and play become more satisfying.

Parent Encouragement Program
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