Why PEP?


PEP presents an authoritative, or democratic, style of parenting that promotes:

  • Discipline as a way to teach, not punish, children.
  • Connecting, listening, encouraging, and being a non-anxious presence.
  • Setting structure and limits that foster a child’s sense of security.
  • Giving kids a voice and choices to foster autonomy and independence.

PEP promotes a strength-based parenting approach that aligns with research-tested best practices for child development.

  • Curricula focuses on age-appropriate child development, from preschoolers through teens.
  • Parents can choose classes to fit their schedules and needs.
  • We help parents reflect on the relationship with their child and see the world from their child’s viewpoint.
  • We give parents concrete skills and tools to strengthen their communication and relationship with their children.
  • By coming together with other parents in our programs, participants see that they are not alone

PEP programs are presented online and in-person (public health conditions permitting) to accommodate the busy lives of parents and caregivers.

  • PEP reaches parents through partnerships with schools, companies, nonprofits and other direct channels.
  • PEP offers a wide variety of programs from 1-hour webinars to multi-week classes.
  • PEP offers a library of on-demand videos and live webinars covering 65+ common parenting challenges.
  • PEP programs are designed to be interactive, engaging, and supportive.

PEP Parent Educators are trained and experienced facilitators who:

  • Complete a series of PEP parenting programs followed by rigorous training and mentoring.
  • Help parents adapt PEP’s parenting approach to apply to their own family circumstances.
  • Deliver practical skills and instruction with warmth, humor and professionalism.
  • Are relatable, empathetic, and share lessons learned along their own parenting journey.

Parent Encouragement Program
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